TSES Equity Framework Core Values-Parent Information

Wed, 02/08/2023 - 5:09pm

Based on the Mission, Vision and Equity Framework adopted by HCPSS, Talbott Springs Elementary School has developed our Core Values. Our Core Values are as strong as our ability to understand them and integrate them into our daily practice. The questions below are designed for families to ask TSES staff members in alignment with our Core Values.


Based on the Opportunity and Access Core Value Statements the TSES PTA developed questions for parents to use as talking points during Parent Teacher Conferences. Please see questions below and at this link.

Opportunity and Access 

TSESCore Value 1 - We create an environment that promotes flexible thinking.

  • In what different ways can my child demonstrate learning?

  • Where are you getting the curriculum/activity materials used to create lessons?  What are the resources you use and how do you make the choice?

  • What have you learned from your students this year?

  • How can I promote flexible thinking for my child at home?

Opportunity and Access 

TSES Core Value 2 - We advocate for and provide enrichment opportunities to promote individual growth.

  • If my child is struggling with a skill, what other pathways are you using to help my child learn?

  • What is my child excelling at?

  • What is an example of an enrichment opportunity available to my child?

  • What kind of learner is my child, and how are you shaping the lessons accordingly?

Opportunity and Access

TSES Core Value 3 - We provide a safe space where students, staff and families can access resources (and opportunities) to ensure success. 

Belonging Core Values-Questions for Families to ask Staff members.

  • What opportunities are available during class for my child to grow in his or her skills moving forward from his or her current level to his or her next level?

  • Is my child comfortable enough in the learning environment to ask questions or ask for resources to get his or her work done? How can I talk about this with my child?

  • Belonging #1 - We celebrate the value that each individual brings to our school community.

    • How will the culture of our home be represented in the school?

    • What activities do you do to celebrate the value of each individual?

    • What do you mean by celebrate?

    • Do you talk to my child about who they are?

    • Do you allow conversations about identity (who they are)?

    • How is my child learning about other cultures?

  • Belonging #2 - We support and model positive learning behaviors in our community.

    • What learning behaviors are modeled?

    • What is a learning behavior?

    • What are ways I can practice at home and in our neighborhood?

    • How can we assure that positive behaviors are interconnected between home and school?

  • Belonging #3 - We use resources that reflect our students’ identities

    • Is it more than just books with images?

    • Are the supplies used flexible for all students? ((crayons, band-aids, etc)

    • Am I able to review resources my child may see?

    • Do you tailor resources to your class?

    • Are resources chosen that show identities not present in your class?

    • Is there somewhere I can find resources you suggest I use at home? (ex. book lists)

    • How are field trips decided and how do they relate to the community

​Instructional Excellence TSES Core Values and Questions Parents should ask:

Instructional Excellence Core Value #1: We are committed to the goal of successful learning for every student

  • What is a learning goal for my child?

  • How will you know if my child is successful in reaching his/her goals? 

  • What resources are in place to help my child achieve their goals?

  • How can I help and work with the school to assist my child?

Instructional Excellence Core Value #2: We encourage feedback, engage in reflection, and implement change for continuous instructional improvement. (Among the staff)

  • How is the feedback collected?

  • What does reflection mean - as an individual teacher, as a team, as a grade level, or as a school?

  • What do you mean by continuous instructional improvement? 

  • Is the feedback internal for TSES or are teachers looking outward to other schools to see what other schools are doing?

  • Would the report card reflect the continuous instructional improvement

  • How do you measure improvement - through testing

Instructional Excellence Core Value #3: We represent student identity and voice in instruction 

  • Can you give me some examples of this?

  • How does my child know that his or her voice is part of the instruction being used?

  • How would you represent a student’s identity in a math class?

  • ​What is student voice? 
  • What opportunity do you offer to children to share what’s going on in the school?