TSES Arrival and Dismissal Information

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 2:43pm


Talbott Springs Elementary School

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
PLEASE NOTE: Your child will be dismissed according to the plans in your Family File. If there is an unexpected early dismissal, the plans that you have specified for this type of event will be followed. It is important to update this information as the school year progresses. If there is a temporary change in plans, we will honor those plans ONLY if we are provided with a note or email specifying those changes. Please email your child’s teacher and members of the front office staff. Emails of all staff members are listed on the TSES website under ‘Our Staff’.

    •    Students walking with adults and in groups is recommended! Please check with your neighbors to see if anyone of them is walking to TSES.  Create your own Walking School Bus!
    •    If crossing the street at either Thunder Hill Road or White Acre Road, please cross at the crosswalk with the Crossing Guard.
    •    Please encourage your children to walk all the way to the school blacktop in the morning and to arrive no later than 8:25 AM.
    •    At dismissal time, family members who are picking up students are asked to wait on the blacktop for teachers to bring the students outside. We will not release your child if we do not see the family member who is supposed to bring your child home per your instructions. Dismissal time for walkers is at 3:10 PM.
    •    Please note that KINDERGARTEN walkers are dismissed to family members at the Kindergarten ‘ramp’ at the front of the building. PRE-KINDERGARTEN students are dismissed to family members at the PK playground at the front of the building.

Car Riders:
    •    All parents are asked to drop off and pick up ‘car riders’ in the designated Car Pool Loop. Enter the parking lot. Turn left immediately. Slowly drive through the loop until you reach the adults standing at the student crossing area. Adults will be at this site at 8:20 AM. Please do not pull over and park as you will block other families. Please exercise patience. If you are frustrated with the speed of the line, please arrive earlier.  
    •    Once your child is out of the car, he or she will walk across the ‘safety zone’ to the sidewalk to the blacktop for entrance through the cafeteria.
    •    At dismissal time, afternoon announcements direct ‘car riders’ to gather in the hall near the Media Center. Students are escorted out of the building by staff members to the ‘car pool’ loop. Staff members stand with the students as each child is picked up by his or her adult driver. Dismissal time for ‘car-riders’ is at 3:07 PM.
    •    PLEASE DO NOT PULL INTO THE BUS LOOP AS INDICATED BY THE SIGNS AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE BUS LOOP. This does not save time and it puts your child and other children in danger of being hurt.
    •    Please obey the traffic signs and do not ‘drop off’ your students in areas that say NO PARKING or are marked Fire Lanes.

Bus Riders:
    •    Bus numbers, location of pick up and drop off as well as times are listed in the School and Bus Locator feature on the HCPSS Website. Please note that during the first few weeks of school and during inclement weather, bus times may not be accurate.
    •    Adult supervision at bus stops is strongly recommended. Please work with your neighbors to figure out a way to share the responsibility. Please encourage your children to practice safe standing at the bus stop. Running, playing and pushing are very dangerous as cars in the neighborhood are not expecting students to suddenly be in the road,
    •    Students are asked to do the following on the bus: sit facing frontward; use a quiet voice when speaking to another child on the bus; phones and other electronic devices are NOT to be on during the bus ride as this is distracting to others; practice the use of kind and respectful language with others; listen carefully to the directions of the driver.
    •    HCPSS policies and TSES school expectations are to be followed on the bus. The driver has the right to assign seats to students as is necessary based on behaviors.
    •    Upon arrival at school, students walk to the blacktop to join the class lines to enter the building through the cafeteria and/or PE doors as assigned.
    •    At dismissal time, Bus Riders line up according to bus number. When the bus arrives, a staff member and a student safety check names of students as they enter the bus.
    •    Please direct your child to get off the bus at his or her bus stop! At times, students want to visit a friend after school and choose an alternate stop to get off the bus creating worry for both families and the school.
    •    Students who arrive and who are dismissed via a commercial daycare van are dropped off and picked up in the Bus Loop and are to walk to the blacktop to join their class lines to enter the building.
    •    Daycare van riders are dismissed with the Bus Riders. The Daycare Van riders gather near the flag pole at the front of the school and are supervised by adults. The Daycare Van staff are required to park and exit their vans and to gather their assigned students from the flagpole areas.

Columbia Association Before/After Care Students:
    •    CA Before Care opens at 7:00 AM. Please park your car in designated areas (avoid areas that say NO PARKING) and walk your child to the cafeteria entrance doors. CA staff will be there to greet you and to ask you to sign in.
    •    CA Staff will assure that your child is dismissed to the appropriate class line shortly before student arrival time at 8:25 AM.
    •    At dismissal time, CA students are dismissed from classrooms to the cafeteria at approximately 3:03 PM. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are escorted to the cafeteria by either CA or TSES staff.
    •    When picking up your child in the afternoon, please park your car in designated areas and walk to the cafeteria door. CA staff will ask you to sign your child out of the program each day.